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Hanson Drip Tray Co. specialises in the manufacture of high quality bespoke personalised drip trays for the classic car, racecar, sports car or motorbike owner/ enthusiast, we can make a drip tray to complement your pride and joy, whether it be for practical every day use or purely as a piece of art, get in touch and make your idea a reality!

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About Hanson Drip Tray Co.

Here at Hansons, cars are our thing, classic, race or modern, we see the beauty and passion of automotive design and we see this passion seep into the lives of the owners of these wheeled souls. With over 50 years of experience within the motor industry over 3 generations you can be sure our dedication matches yours.
Be it tinkering in the garage on a Sunday morning, driving your favourite road on a summers day or firing up your obsession for the first race of the season, there is a trigger within every owner that gives that sense of satisfaction and joy that is hard to explain.
But like any living soul our cars have their quirks, of course they do, thats what makes them unique, a common one being oil leaks!
This got us thinking, why is such a commonly used product as a drip tray so mundane when it could be so much more? Why not have it be an expression  and extension of your passion for your pride and joy?
With this in mind we set about designing an ever expanding range of Oil Drip / Work Trays that reflect your cars style and flair through stunning designs evoking iconic liveries from motoring history on and off the track on a high quality practical product.
Our trays look so good you might want to use them for something other than just catching drips, at 1000mm x 500mm they are the perfect size to fit on top of most tool chests and make the perfect work tray for tools and parts so that " all important" nut or bolt doesn't go amiss. Add one of our high quality fitted kneeling pads for extra comfort while working on your car, with all your tools or cleaning products next to you instead of scattered across the garage or workshop floor, and when you've finished for the day they look stunning just hung on your garage wall as a piece of art.
All our trays are constructed of steel with a tough weatherproof powder coating so you can be sure they will stand the test of time, an important point in this age of the throwaway society.
If our range doesn't have just what you're looking for give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to make a bespoke tray design that is personal to you and your machine.


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